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Michal SzafranskiWelcome to my blog 😀

I’m pretty sure you are here because you’ve listened to Pat Flynn’s podcast with my guest appearance, right?

It’s so freaking awesome to be on Pat’s show! I can’t express how grateful I am for everything that Pat did for me. Being featured on „Smart Passive Income Podcast” was like a dream coming true.

I was so excited that I forgot to mention some important thoughts I wanted to share. So here is my bonus material for you. I’m so happy that finally I’m able to give back a little to the great SPI community that keeps Pat rolling 🙂

First, let me introduce myself: I’m Pat’s student. Although we live on the other sides of the pond, I’m trying to fully implement his “Be Everywhere” strategy. And I’m quite successful. I’ve already managed to win “The Blog of the Year” award along with “The Most Inspiring Polish Blog of 2013” award – although the topic of my blog is rather boring: I blog about personal finance, getting out of debts, saving money, investing and being financially smart.

I’m based in Warsaw, the capital of Poland and my blog is written in Polish, so there is 99,4% chance you won’t be able to read it. But don’t worry. I’ve prepared some great stuff for you in English.

My blog is visited by over 170 000 UU monthly and it currently generates more money than my family needs to live comfortably. It’s so AWESOME! Especially if I tell you that I started blogging just two years ago.

None of that would be possible without Pat and Smart Passive Income community support. Everything that I shared on our podcast is the direct result of me following Pat in the last two years. I’m the living proof that everything Pat teaches really does work – regardless of whether you are based in the US, or other countries like Poland.

ALIVE in Berlin speakers

ALIVE in Berlin 2014 speakers – the global gathering of amazing world changers 🙂

I would like to give you the access to slides documenting my 2-year-journey through blogging. This is the part of the workshop “How to build a successful blog, impact others and make a profit” I’ve conducted earlier this year at ALIVE in Berlin, which brings the spirit of the „World Domination Summit” to Europe.

I had the privilege to be among such great speakers at this event – the ones I admire like Chris Guillebeau, Pamela Slim and Sarah K. Peck. Another dream coming true 🙂

My workshop at ALIVE was a step-by-step description of my blog growth since day 1. I’ve described how my objectives changed at various stages and what the key takeaways were.

If you like the presentation, you can also listen to my Google Hangout titled “How to build your following”.

There are a lot of tips regarding writing blog posts that get comments, building lasting relationships with your audience, using e-mail newsletters, measuring conversions and… being a generous, honest blogger.


I would like to leave you with several thoughts and tips. I know they might be helpful for every blogger who is struggling to create great quality content:

  • When I started, I was not sure whether blogging is right for me. I didn’t know whether I could be both aligned with being myself and being successful.
  • Blog can be a self-treatment. It is for me. I’m an introvert but blogging allows me to be open.
  • Being open, generous and honest can lead to awesome results. I wanted to give everything I know to other people and I dreamed that eventually some of them would like to give something back to me. And oh my God! They are giving back in most unexpected and wonderful ways you can imagine.
  • I sometimes have worse moments. It’s really tough to keep the same creativity level all the time. I just had to accept I’m unable to perform all the time.
  • You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world. I’m not and I don’t pretend that I’m an expert. Others perceive me that way, but I always say that I’m just a regular guy who just tries to make both ends meet financially. Nothing special.
  • Passion is a trap – most people look at your results and they say you have a great lifestyle. What they don’t see is the amount of work, sacrifices, difficult choices and uncertainty that are required to be able to live such a lifestyle.
  • But on the other hand passion makes hard work meaningful.
  • You can’t plan or predict everything. You have to be open to side effects of what you do.
  • Sometimes you have to wait to “catch the wave” – but then, if you are prepared, you can surf it.
  • I realized that great content attracts great discussions.
  • It’s worth to listen to yourself. Be yourself and follow your heart.
  • I’m just trying to be the leader I would like to have.

So… if you have any questions regarding living out of your blog in different countries than US – just let me know. Maybe I’ll be able to answer your questions or worries.

Cheers to all the SPI fans!

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