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Bonus for NMEU 2016 attendees

Michal SzafranskiWelcome to my blog and thank you very much for attending my session at New Media Europe 2016. 😀

So here is my bonus material for you. First of all you can check previous year bonus materials here. 🙂

In 2016 I was invited for the second time to present at New Media Europe. The topic of my presentation was „Blogger & Podcaster Toolkit – The best apps and services that will help you get your job done”. I shared my portfolio of applications and services I used and still use to build and grow my blog (attracting 2M UU yearly) and podcast (downloaded over 1,25M times).

You can access all those tools directly through the links published below (some of them are affiliate links):

Content creation

Podcast – software

Podcast – hardware

Social media management

Internet monitoring

Team Work



Online courses

I hope you will like it. If so – don’t hesitate to let me know :).


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